What a weekend….the sitcom continues

Good evening folks!  How was your weekend?  Mine was just….peachy.  Yeah, we’ll call it that.

I was really good Thursday evening.  I had my car packed and ready so I could leave for Bakersfield right after work Friday afternoon, but when I fed my cats in the morning I noticed that there was not enough cat food to last them the weekend.  No biggie, I think, I’ll just run back to Long Beach, pick up some cat food, double check that they have enough food and water to last the weekend, and take off from there.

Friday afternoon:  I pick up the cat food after work and drive home.  As I park across from my apartment, I glance at my passenger seat and see my purse.  I think, I should take it in with me, even though I’ll only be a few minutes.  I throw my purse on the couch and take care of my kitties….and then I realize that since I’m here I should check and make sure I don’t have any more laundry I can take up with me to Bakersfield (I always bring my laundry with me to Bako since its free at Mom’s Laundromat).  I, of course, see more that I can take so I grab it up and throw it in my car, making sure I have my keys before locking the door behind me before I exit my apartment.

The drive was nice, not too much traffic and I arrived in Bakersfield around 6pm.  I called my dad after I exited the 99 to Stockdale Hwy to see if mom has food there or if I should pick up dinner on the way home.  He says he’s going to take me out to dinner, and I tell him I should be home in about 10 minutes.   Its maybe 4 miles from the Stockdale Hwy exit to my parent’s front door, so 10 minutes is giving me time to hit every red light.

It didn’t give me enough time, however, to go through the DUI check point that I didn’t know was set up right in front of the First United Methodist Church….where I went to preschool.

The first thing I noticed was the traffic.  WTH?  There’s no traffic in Bakersfield!  So I send out an inquiry via FB asking what the situation is on Stockdale Hwy.  Looking ahead I see a blinking stoplight, so I figure either power out or construction is the cause of the backup.  As I inch along I see cones and I now think its definitely construction since the cones are taking three lanes to two.  Then I see the sign: DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoint.

Ok, no big deal.  I reach into the back seat to grab my purse and have my License and Registration out.  I don’t feel it.  I look back there and I don’t see it.  Its not on the passenger seat or the passenger seat floor.  Ok, It must be in the trunk.  I pull up and am now the second car from the front when a nice cop asks if anyone has checked my license yet.  No, I reply, I just drove up from Long Beach and my purse is in the trunk.  He says that as soon as they finish arresting the person in front of me for DUI, I should follow the car into the church parking lot and get my license out of the trunk and show it to the police officers there.

I do as he says and I pull up into one of the many lanes waiting for people like me.  As I drive up I’m surprised to see how many people are waiting to be taken to jail.  There are about 15 people sitting in the grass to the church’s side, looking sad, lonely, angry, or just too wasted to care.  There are even more cars waiting to be taken to the police department to be impounded.  Wow, its not even 6:30pm yet!

After I pull up into the lane I shut off my car engine, pop the trunk, and jump out of the car.  A cop walks over, You the one from Long Beach with her purse in the trunk?  Yeah, I reply.  Ok, he says, get it out and someone will be right with you to check it out.  He wanders off to do whatever else he has to do, and I search my trunk for my purse……which isn’t there.  I think maybe it slid under one of the seats, so I search the inside of my car again, and they are not there.  Then I remember, its on the couch, in my apartment, in Long Beach.  Shit!

Just as the Oh Shit look of realization crosses my face, a not so nice cop walks up to me.  Cop: You the one from Long Beach with her purse in the car?  Me: Yes.  Cop: You have your license ready?  Me: No, my purse isn’t in my trunk.  Cop: Where did you last see your purse?  Me: On my couch, in Long Beach.  Cop: Why would your purse be in Long Beach?  Me: Because I live there!  Cop: You know you’re supposed to have your identification on you at all times.  Me: I know!

Yes, by this time I’m not being so polite and looking at him like he’s the biggest idiot on the planet.  He was kind enough to let me off with a warning anyway, and I say thank you and take off.

I get to my Mom’s at 6:30, tell my Dad the story of what happened, and then we run to Office Max for some bubble wrap and Los Hermanos for dinner.

Me and Dad catch up a bit and we are actually up pretty late….12:30am is the time we went to bed I think.  I sat up and watched him pack and talked.  I hadn’t seen my father since Christmas, and as he was leaving in the morning for El Salvador, I needed to get in as much father/daughter time as I could.  I miss him terribly but when I tell him he calls me silly, so I try not to be what my father would consider overly emotional, which means I acted like I had seen him every day for the past 8 months.  I find out he will be coming home within a couple of months because he has a cataract in his eye and might need surgery.  I suppress a smile and hide my happiness, and then my guilt at being happy that something is wrong with my Daddy that might cause him to come home soon.  Its just a cataract though, so it’s nothing TOO bad, so I don’t feel too guilty.

At 3:50am my alarm goes off and I hit snooze.  It goes off 3 more times before I get up and get ready to take Dad to the Airport Bus.  He’s supposed to be there by 4:30 as it leaves at 5am.  As I head towards the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face, I notice Daddy is still sleeping.  I wake him up and he jumps out of bed to get ready.  After some frantic last minute packing on my Dad’s part, we load my car and are on our way.  We get there just in time.  He checks in and immediately has to get on the bus as everyone else is already on it.  The bus driver throws his luggage under the bus and just before Dad gets on he looks around for me and gives me a hug goodbye, and gets on the bus.

I sit on the hood of my car and watch the bus as it leaves, and then I go back to Mom’s.  I’m hungry and there is no food in the house; Mom took it all with her to Pismo for the month, and what little food IS there isn’t safe to eat anymore.  I spend some of the $60 Daddy had given me to get me through the weekend (food, gas to get back to LB) and get McDonald’s breakfast.  I hate McDonalds, I really do.  Even their breakfast sucks.

I eat when I get home and crash on my bed…which is the couch since Daddy had been sleeping in my room.  Funny, kinda thought he’d sleep in Mom’s room.  I understand him sleeping in my room when Mom’s there, since they’re divorced and all, but I would think he would sleep there since Mom wasn’t there…..but I guess it doesn’t really matter.

I crashed for about 6 hours and got up to clean the house since Daddy is a *bit*of a slob.   Never knew that Daddy was a slob since Mom kept the house so clean, but if Mom and Dad came home and found the house like Daddy had left it? I’d never be allowed to stay there again unsupervised!  Kinda ironic, don’t ya think?

The weekend after that was pretty boring.  My phone died and Mom had taken the computer with her to Pismo so I couldn’t get ahold of ANYONE!  I know about 3 people’s numbers by heart, and my Mom’s is the only one that I know by heart that lives in Bakersfield.   So I drove over to Drew’s since we were supposed to hang out anyway and used his computer to update my FB.

That’s it.  Watched movies, he bought me dinner since I forgot my purse, talked, smoked.  Sat outside looking for Hunley, one of his neighbor’s outside cats, but we figured he was out hunting.  Drew was worried, but I didn’t think anything had happened to Hunley.  Turns out I found out today that Hunley had been hit by a car on Friday night.  😥

I loved that little kitty.

So I’m back in Long Beach, came back last night.  I will be back in Bakersfield sometime Saturday because I realized last night as I unloaded my car that I still have a full load of clothes in the dryer at my Mom’s house.  I need my clothes.



About Chaos5150

I'm a medical coder by day, hermit by night, a 24 hr mommy, and a closet line-dancer whenever I get the chance. I love my daughter, I love my job, I love my friends, I love my cats, and I love my family. I love the dry heat, driving into the middle of the desert at night to see the moon and the stars, beading jewelry, torturing the unaware, and scaring people. People say I'm evil, but I'm not. I'm just a little mischievous.
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