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My anxiety is rising over lots of things I cannot control.  I’m dealing with it as best I can but I’m thinking I may need to see a therapist. I’m going to say that the root of my anxiety comes … Continue reading

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Anger and Fear

I am an angry person.  I was not always this way….maybe a small part but nothing like I am now.  I was always told I was patient and easy going.  Not mellow, there’s a little something too chaotic about me … Continue reading

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Protected: Ruled by Fear

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Across the Room

I stand in the doorway and look into the room and I sense, more than see, the  crowd of people.  I feel the air being pushed around while people walk from one group to another.  I feel the heat from … Continue reading

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Saturday was an eventful day. Rachel and I went to swim class and then straight after went to Mother’s Beach to enjoy the day with a friend and her beautiful family. The plan was to go for a couple of … Continue reading

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Was I justified or did I over-react?

The day started off innocently enough.  I had over-slept….again.  I had discovered after taking my too long shower last night that the front door had been completely unlocked.  Not anything to be very concerned about since my door opens up … Continue reading

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Another Nightmare

Panic Heart races Tense All over Can’t breathe My arms Hurt They need to hold you Feel you in them Where are you? My eyes They need to see you Your face your smile I can’t find you Tears fall … Continue reading

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Mrs. Brown

Mrs. Brown was once a very beautiful young woman.  Her thick brown hair was always styled, her make-up applied before she left her bedroom, and her dress was impeccable.  A charm school graduate, she was always perfectly poised, always polite, … Continue reading

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Last night I put my 8 month old baby girl into her crib.  She was wearing a white, long sleeved footie sleeper and seemed comfortable even though the weather was warm. The light fabric kept her cool. I layed her … Continue reading

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No parent should have to bury their child

I read a blog today.  One, single blog entry brought me to tears and made me cry harder than I have in weeks.  It was sweet and sad and terrifying all at once. What blog could bring me to tears … Continue reading

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