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Anger and Fear

I am an angry person.  I was not always this way….maybe a small part but nothing like I am now.  I was always told I was patient and easy going.  Not mellow, there’s a little something too chaotic about me … Continue reading

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She walked down the path along the bluffs.  On her left was a fence that protected her from falling down the face of the steep bluffs, and on her right was green grass, some palm trees, and the smattering of … Continue reading

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I think I’m pretty amazing. I do not mean to sound arrogant, but I do actually think that of myself.  I look back at my life and see how I’ve grown from the many, many mistakes I’ve made with family, … Continue reading

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Its amazing how well things are going for the me right now.  I’m moving into a two bedroom apartment this month, so Rachel will be getting her own room.  I am having so much fun with the decorating ideas for … Continue reading

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Class A Team

There is a new song out called “Class A Team” by Ed Shereen.  The first time I heard it I knew what it was about, and it is a beautiful tune with some very dark, sad lyrics to go with … Continue reading

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I float upon a silver sea With Silver crests of foam The sea is filled with memories Of all those I have known The rise and fall of Silver swells Keep moving me along I ride the highs and lows … Continue reading

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