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My biggest loss…..

As you anonymous, and most-likely non-existent, readers are probably aware, the last two years have been very difficult for me on a personal level (my career is doing great).  I’ve done a lot of healing, but am not yet a … Continue reading

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To dream

I went to a friend’s house and had a very good time last night.  It was (mostly) an all girls thing where we just hung out, ate cheese and crackers, laughed, and had lots of fun.  Later in the evening … Continue reading

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Happy Endings…..

Fairy Tales and Happy Endings……these are things that as children we are raised to believe in. The human race has been raised by stories.  Thousands of years ago, stories were told to remind us of our past, where we came … Continue reading

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Ask and you shall receive….

I posted earlier today that I felt the need to blog and a friend jokingly said, “Blog about me, blog about me!”  Heather, this one’s for you….you know which one you are. In January of 2008 I met an absolutely … Continue reading

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Not Quite a Quitter

Hello, my name is Katie, and I smoke cigarettes.  I have since I was 17, minus an almost five year hiatus.  I was surprised to realize a couple of months ago that I’m smoking less, and thanks to getting a … Continue reading

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